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Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc. shines as a hub of career prospects for truckers in Greensboro, North Carolina. For individuals navigating the highways of their professional journey, our company provides a network of routes that lead to success, contentment, and reliability. Exploring the array of advantages presented by Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc. will help you see why we are the go-to source for truckers in Greensboro.

A Highway to Thriving Careers

Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc. has etched our name among the leading trucking services providers, renowned for our unwavering commitment to our employees. Founded on principles of integrity and performance, our company’s legacy is one of service and excellence, emphasized through every mile traveled and cargo delivered.

Unveiling Our Journey

Since our inception, Mountain River has been steadfast in our dedication to quality service and safe, reliable operations. Our values, embedded within every member of our team, underline the cohesive work environment that employees experience daily. At Mountain River, employees thrive within a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters both personal growth and innovation. Our company’s culture is not just about delivering freight; it’s about delivering on the promise of a fulfilling workplace.

Work Culture That Stands Apart

What distinguishes Mountain River is our emphasis on the well-being and development of our employees. We foster an atmosphere where every employee feels valued and your voice is heard. Our management’s open-door policy ensures transparent communication, creating a unified workforce geared toward success.

Green Light for Your Career

Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc. doesn’t just offer jobs; we pave the way for a fulfilling career. For truckers seeking a company that values your time and effort, this is the stop where the windows of opportunity are always open.

Pay That Reflects Your Miles

Competitive pay rates are just the beginning. At Mountain River we reward our drivers for the long hours and tough conditions you face on the road. With a transparent pay structure and regular increments, employees can rest assured knowing that your dedication is duly recognized and compensated.

Flexibility to Match Your Needs

Acknowledging the dynamic lifestyles of truckers, Mountain River offers flexible working schedules. Whether you’re looking for regional routes or willing to go the extra mile with over-the-road assignments, achieving a work-life balance has never been easier. At Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That’s why our scheduling accommodates a rhythm akin to a normal workweek. Our drivers are on the road for an average of five days, followed by an average of two days at home, ensuring you can plan your life around a consistent work schedule. Trucks depart daily, allowing for flexibility in starting your workweek. This structure offers our drivers the predictability and stability needed to balance professional and personal commitments effectively.

Every Mile a Stepping Stone

At Mountain River, the road doesn’t end with driving. It opens up to an array of career advancement opportunities. We invest in the training and development of our employees, offering pathways to enhance skills and tackle new roles within our organization.

Requirements and Qualifications

At Mountain River, we look for individuals who embody our values of integrity, safety, and reliability.  Along with a commercial driver’s license, we require our drivers to have a clean driving record and undergo thorough training before hitting the road. Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we take pride in hiring individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

Join Us Today!

Whether you’re an experienced trucker or new to the industry, Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc

    • Valid Class A CDL License required
    • Minimum of 12 months over-the-road experience
    • Age requirement: at least 25 years old with a valid US driver’s license
    • Good motor vehicle record needed
    • No preventable accidents within the last 2 years
    • Verifiable work history and references
    • Meet minimum medical qualifications as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Testimonies from the Tarmac

Want to know the real deal about working here? Dive into what our Mountain River crew has to say about their experiences.

From Trainee to Trailblazer

“I just started driving for these guys and I must say they’re alright with me. They’re very organized, willing to help, get straight to the point, and put you to work asap like it is supposed to be. The equipment is A1 nicely spec’d trucks and trailer loads are pre planned etc etc. It seems they have it together here and I hope I’m here for the long run!!!”

Navigating Your Application Journey

If you’re ready to steer toward a career that resonates with the open road, the process to join Mountain River Trucking is straightforward and accommodating. Your application is the first step of an adventure that could redefine your professional trajectory.

Applying for the Open Road

Visit our website to kickstart your application process. We’re here to guide you through every turn, from initial inquiries to the signing of the dotted line, and beyond.

Truck Driving Jobs Near Greensboro

At Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc., we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.  In Greensboro’s professional landscape, we stand out as a prominent entity, dedicated to enhancing every trucker’s professional voyage. Offering competitive pay, great benefits, and a supportive culture, joining Mountain River isn’t just a choice—it’s a commitment to a fulfilling career on the road. If you’re seeking a place where you’re more than just a name on a list, come join us at Mountain River for an exciting road ahead. Visit our website for more information and to apply today. Let’s hit the road together towards a brighter future with Mountain River Trucking Co., Inc.  Don’t wait any longer, start your journey with us now!  We look forward to welcoming you on board!  Happy trucking!

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